Tips To Maximize Holiday Sales By Targeting, Measuring Outbound Email Messages

By Huw Griffiths, Director of Marketing, Campaigner

Holiday sales can account for up to 20% of a retailer’s revenue – all the more reason not to wait until October and to begin your holiday marketing planning. The good news is that email is still a retailer’s best tool for turning up sales volume. Let’s look at a few tips to make this year’s holiday season shine.

Timing is everything
Start early - not with ‘blast’ emails but with a strategic plan to engage your customers in a dialogue about topics, and products, that are relevant to their needs. Just as you plan your buying six months in advance, plan your promotional campaigns six months ahead.

Build a solid list
Collect new names, and refine data about existing customers, now - don’t wait until October. Entering the holiday season with a strong ‘house’ list will create a foundation on which to build your holiday promotions

Stay relevant
Relevance creates respect, fosters dialogue and builds interest that leads to sales. Three components of relevance are segmentation, tailoring offers, and creating dynamic content that takes advantage of segmentation efforts and supports tailored offers.

Set goals - then implement and measure
The holiday season is no time to ignore the basics of marketing. Set goals for your holiday email programs with clear expectations, objectives and measurement criteria. Even if you don’t normally test emails, consider A/B split testing now, and be prepared to test offer, subject lines, content and creative variables. This will tell you if you’re on target or if you need to make adjustments early, before the season is lost.

Plan now for a strong holiday season and you will reap the rewards. Target for results, segment offers, stay relevant, maintain best practices and be respectful of your customers needs and wants. You’ll have a happy holiday!